Looking for a holistic dentist in NYC? We got you covered, and we can even help you find one near you no matter where in New York you are.

First, let’s define what is holistic dentistry. Often called natural dentistry, it’s one that focuses on overall health and wellness of the patient instead of just treatment of disease.

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How is that different than regular dentistry? As the name holistic applies these dentists believe that you have to look at a big picture when treating a patient, and not focus one thing that might harm the body as a whole.

You see, while Holistic Dental Association was found in 1978 it fairly recently that it has entered the mainstream. One of the major catalyst that many people seek out holistic dentists is because of amalgam fillings.

Are Amalgam Fillings That Bad?

Amalgam fillings, which are those silver fillings that if you were born before 1990 and needed your tooth filled, it was preferred material.

While official studies show that amalgam fillings are safe, even for kids ages 6 and up, many holistic dentists disagree. In fact, independent studies have shown that amalgam fillings can release mercury even years after.

However, many believe those are inconclusive and that there is no real evidence. Problem is that many types of research that claim amalgam fillings could be dangerous is because it’s 50% mercury, and every time there is friction or the filling is heated up by something you eat or drink can release mercury in your body.

Which makes sense as even a basic knowledge of chemistry proofs that friction and heat can cause chemical reaction.

However, the bottom line is that it’s up to you. Do you think having amalgam filling that is made of 50% mercury, one of the most toxics metals to us, worth having?

Holistic Dentistry: Healing The Whole

While many people start their research into more holistic approach to their teeth is because of things like amalgam filling, there is much more to it than just that.

As previously mentioned, holistic dentists believe treating your teeth in a way that will not cause harm to your well being. Hence, they don’t use filling that could release poison into you body, or traditional root canals where they leave hub for infection.

Root canal, like amalgam filling is a hot topic between traditional and natural dentists. And while we do not recommend to do either one over the other it is important to talk to your dentists about alternatives.

As once again, are you willing to safe your dead tooth and suffer the consequences?

Pros and Cons of Holistic Dentists

What are the pros?

  • Use of Mercury-Free Fillings
  • Safe removal of Amalgam Fillings
  • Laser drilling
  • Focus on bacteria cleaning
  • Environmentally safe

The cons?

  • it’s expensive
  • less abotu estetics
  • hard to find (luckily not in New York City)
  • looked down by traditional dentists

As you can see it’s really about your approach and preference. Would you rather focus more natural approach to dentistry that could mean having your teeth pulled out rather than worked on? Or more esthetic approached that could cause other problems in your body?

Now, look we’re not saying traditional tests are bad. In fact, many are aware these issues and work to try to offer a more holistic approach as well, without actually being holistic.

If you already have a dentist talk to him or her about it. Maybe your very own denitsts has a holitisc approach you don’t know about,.

New York City Holistic Dentists Near Me

However, if you’re set for a 100% holistic approach let us help you find one that will fit your near and be near you.

Many people the first problem in finding a holistic dentist is their location. Many smaller cities or towns don’t have the luxury to pick and choose their dentists, let alone holistic ones.

Lucklily, we’rein or around the biggest city in the United States, New York City. The home of many good, and great holistic dentistry providers.

Many you’re looking to find the one nearest to you?

Or need someone special like a pediatric holistic dentist for you child.

No worries, we got you covered for all the Holistic Dentist NYC.