Can Smile Direct Club clear aligers do as good of a job as Invisalign? Let’s put them to the test.

Invisible Aligners are becoming a popular choice for people, especially adults, that need to straighten their teeth bur don’t want to wear bulky bracers. Invisalign is probably the most popular choice but depending on the dentist and location the cost can add up quikcly. However, for those that are looking to spend less, or have do-it-yourself attitude SmileDirectClub might be a better option.

Does Smile Direct Club Work? If so, how?

smile direct club reviewsUnlike other invisible aligners solution where you need to visit and dentist and contiue seeing one, Direct Smile Club by passes that step by sending you evetything directly. In fact, you don’t even need to step a foot into a dental office. However, I’m not a dental professional and we recommend you do see an orthodontist near you to make sure clear aligners are for you. Most have will do first visit (consulatation) for free even if you don’t have insurence.

With that said let see:

How Smile Direct Club Works

First, you have to be sort of pre-approved for their evalution kit to even begin the process. I personally like the idea as you don’t want to spend your money on something that might not be for you. It seems is not about getting your money and running, but actually care about their product.

Once you receive the kit you’ll be able to make a mold of your teeth and send it back to them. This process is painless and actually kinda fun. It reminded me of the time I played with Teeth playdough back in the day. However, make sure to mix the base well and better read the instruction twice before you begin.

Send the modls back and wait. One you receive Smile Direct retainers you’re ready to rock.

How Long Should You Wear The Retainers?

Now for how long in total really depends on what you’re trying to fix and how bad it is. Are your teeth crowning, do you need to fit spacing, and so on. However, generally a pair of smile direct retainers are recommend for 6 months, but some people wear it up to a year.

As far as how long should you wear them a day, again the recommenedis around 16 to 22 hours. Which sounds like a crazy amount but if you factor in 8 hours of sleep, at least 2 hours of getting up and going to bed it’s not that bad. Especially, after few days when you get used to them hardly feel it. Naturrally you have to take them out when eating but that’s a breeze, and it comes with a nice travel bag.

The ability to take it out is the real winner in my opinion. Especially, when eating. You see, unlike regular bracers where many food are not recommended and get stuck inside it, with clear retainers you just take them out. Now, at first you might be tempted to take them out more often. As, I said it might feel weird at first but after few days you’ll barely feel them.

In fact, even talking with them is not a problem for most people. In fact, only at the start it of wearning them. After all, you do a something in your month. But they are thin enough and clear so that shortly after starting to wear them they are a breeze.

Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign

This one seems to be popping up everywhere as people want to know which one is better. While it’s impossible to tell you which one is trully better let me give you some pros and cons I noticed about them both.

Smile Direct Club Pros:

  • Cheaper – usually cost $2,000 or under
  • Offer payment plans
  • DIY – no need to go to a dentistor orthpendic
  • Easy to use – mold and send


  • can make a mistake with mold
  • no direct oversight

Invisalign Pros:

  • Done by professionals
  • Better scanning/mold (not always)
  • face to face interaction


  • Price – with $6,000 on average it’s 3 times more expensive
  • Need to book multiple visits

I mean naturally it comes down to you. Some say alingers are riskier, which can be the case if you’re sloppy with the mold, but depending on the dentist you chose your risk. Dentist love to hate on DIY solutions like these, but who can blame them, it takes away a lot of potential clients from them.

However, Invisalign is not a bad choice at bad. It really comes down to how comftable are you paying aroun $2,000 vs $6,000.

Smile Direct Club Results – The Before and After Pictures

At this time I don’t have the before and after pics of myself but if you’ve been using thier aligners please consdering sharing. In fact, if you can post it here! However, I can say they do work and there are thousands of happy costumers out there that will say the same.

Thanks for reading this smile direct club review